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Prospect Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which offers multi-faceted services for at-risk and developmentally disabled individuals in our community. It is also a licensed Diagnostic and Treatment Center and fully accredited educational facility. Based on the principles of family, inclusion and dignity, the Center treats each child and adult as a unique individual able to discover and share their abilities. Our programs allow the individual to remain within their family, neighborhood and community and, by doing so, enriches the lives of all involved.

Mission Statement

We have a commitment…

to provide sensitive, accessible and comprehensive services to individuals with disabilities and their families to promote independence, inclusion and an enhanced quality of life.

We believe…

that we are a community leader in advancing the status of individuals with disabilities through advocacy, education and innovation.

that all individuals have a right to meaningful, appropriate educational and social opportunities alongside their non-disabled peers.

that our consumers have the right and ability to shape their own futures through effective advocacy.

that we must attract, retain and develop a highly skilled workforce committed to assisting our consumers in achieving their highest potential.

that we must conduct our business in a fiscally sound manner to ensure the continued integrity, existence and growth of our organization.

Guiding Principles

While the Agency provides a variety of services and programs, there are several global principles that guide Prospect Center. The Agency is committed to:

  • An empowered and informed consumer, family and support system. Consumers are their own best advocates if given information, encouragement and support. Agency leadership and staff are committed to continuous learning and a balanced, inter-disciplinary service model.
  • The Agency promotes an open, transparent service system. Specialized services and techniques utilized by specialty staff are available to all family members and direct care staff to maximize carryover and continuity of care.
  • All recommendations made by professionals are based on need…not availability of services.


133 Aviation Road, Queensbury, NY 12804
Telephone: (518) 798-0170
Fax: (518) 798-0533
Email for General Information