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12:1+4 (ages 2.5 to 5)
This program includes twelve identified preschool students, one teacher and four full time assistants.  The students in the classroom demonstrate functional skills between a 6 month to 36 months level in major areas of development.  The classroom provides opportunities for active learning with an emphasis on early readiness skills and developing awareness of self and others in a supportive setting.  Students have similar needs in areas of attention to task, pre-academics, communication, and social development requiring hands-on assistance and presets for transitions to different activities.  A closely supervised classroom environment is provided to address behavioral and learning needs.

8:1+2 (ages 3 & 4)
This program includes eight preschool students primarily diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Program focus is on enhancing coping skills through increased communication, understanding of feelings, and increased attention to task.  The Psychology Department works directly with students and their families on behavioral interventions and social skill development.  The classroom provides a highly specialized therapeutic environment to enhance communication, social, behavioral, and academic skills.

Interventions include 1) incorporation of TEACCH and RAAVE techniques, 2) visual supports, 3) coping strategies, 4) sensory music room, 5) daily gross motor activities, 6) on-site aquatic program through occupational therapy, 7) parent involvement through on-site workshops, trainings, home visits, and follow-up.


10:1+2, 6:1+2 – Early Learning (ages 3 & 4)
These integrated classrooms include identified preschool students and children from our Stepping Stones Nursery School Program. The curriculum emphasizes early learning experiences in a nurturing environment to encourage creative play skills, sharing, early independence, and sensory “hands-on” activities. Stimulating learning materials and activities are incorporated to enhance children’s development in all areas.

10:1+2 – Readiness / Transition (ages 3 & 4)
These integrated classrooms are designed for preschool students that are integrated with children from our Stepping Stones Nursery School program. The curriculum emphasizes readiness and pre-academic instruction incorporating transition skills, learning centers, and theme based instruction, with a special focus on enhancing communication and social skills.

Key components of the above classrooms include:

1) Structured learning environment with a focus on center-based instruction and NYS Preschool Common Core Guidelines.

2) Related services integrated within the classroom setting.

3) Opportunities for integrated learning and social experiences.

4) Emphasis on the development of social, interpersonal and group interactions.

5) Support services for families.

6) Gross motor programs emphasizing movement and skill development.

7) Special activities and events include:
– Hot Air Balloon
– Visit and demonstration by the Queensbury Fire Department
– Crandall Library Story Time (monthly)
– Children’s Museum
– Dental Health & Nutrition Presentations (Warren County Public Health)
– School Pictures (Adirondack School Portraits)
– Heart Health Prevention (Warren County Public Health)
– Moving-Up Ceremonies

8) Monthly themes and activities include:
– Fall/Harvest/Pumpkins
– Animals
– Springtime
– Families/Sharing
– Ocean Life
– Celebrations
– Friendship