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For more information, visit our Langan School @ Prospect site at https://sites.google.com/langanschool.org/langan-school-prospect/home

The Langan School at Prospect has been selected as a NASET (National Association of Special Education Teachers) School of Excellence

The Langan School at Prospect Center (licensed by the New York State Education Department) provides the following educational services in our community: Special Education Services, Developmental Evaluations, and Nursery School. Over 150 staff are employed, including certified special education teachers and assistants, nurses, psychologists, social workers, therapists and administrators. Staff work together with the goal of providing stimulating and challenging learning experiences for all students.

Education programs offered at the Langan School at Prospect include preschool and school age classes for students ages two through twenty one. A hands-on learning approach is incorporated to enhance development of specific skills. The curriculum emphasizes academic and pre-academic activities, and is aligned with the New York State core learning standards for preschool and school aged students.

Both preschool and school age teachers develop and implement activities to support the goals and objectives of each student’s individualized education program. Major performance areas include social and emotional development, language and communication skills, cognitive/intellectual abilities, motor development, pre-vocational and vocational skills, health and safety skills and approaches to learning with specific learning outcomes for each area.


  • Certified teachers, early childhood educators and teaching assistants in all classrooms.
  • Staff to student ratios support guided and closely supervised school experiences.
  • Theme based instruction within the classroom to foster active participation and learning.
  • Interactive computer systems to enhance language and cognitive development.
  • On-going communication with families regarding their child’s activities.
  • Observation booths to accommodate non-disruptive viewing and encourage families to be involved in their child’s education.
  • Positive behavior management and intervention approaches designed to guide and shape children’s behavior.
  • On-going student assessment via observation to determine progress and need areas.


Federal and State regulations have mandated that parents play a major role in determining where their child receives preschool and school age services. Parents know their child best and play a key role in evaluating programs and making decisions about what’s best for their child. One thing is for certain, decisions will be made and your involvement as a parent is crucial.


  • Keep an open mind and trust your own abilities while gaining information from as many sources as possible.
  • Visit programs, observe and consider all your options. Bring a trusted friend or family member to help you evaluate and assess what you see and the input that you get from professionals.
  • Most importantly, once decisions have been made and services are provided, continue to observe, evaluate and fully participate in your child’s program.


Tuition (including transportation) is funded through the student’s school district and county of residence.


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