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Clothing Recycling and Donations

Clothing donation box

You can help Prospect Center in ways you aren’t even aware of. One of those ways is by donating clothing, shoes, stuffed animals, bedding, towels, curtains, etc. in any one of our blue bins located throughout the community. Proceeds from the Sale of clothing benefit Prospect Center. The clothing Partnership Project is a cooperative venture of the private and not-for-profit sectors to maximize the use of our resources.

Dine to Donate
You can help Prospect Center earn money just by enjoying a nice dinner out. Check back soon for details.

Donate Your Used Ink Cartridges and Cell Phones
In an effort to raise money for Prospect Center, we are asking that you please donate all empty/used Inkjet/Laser Cartridges as well as Cell Phones. Unlike other fundraising projects, there are no products to buy and distribute. All we are asking is that you donate any empty/used Inkjet-Laser Cartridges and cell phones that you have at home. Also, if you know of any businesses with empty/used Inkjet-Laser Cartridges or unused employee Cell Phones, please ask if they would like to donate. We don’t even need the chargers or accessories. Click here for donation form (PDF 348kb)

Tools for Schools
Your daily/weekly/monthly shopping trips can help make a difference for Prospect Center. Whether you do your grocery shopping at Price Chopper or Hannaford, both of these shopping centers offer great programs for local schools that are easy to do! Click here for more information and donation form (PDF 286kb)


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